Schlegel Poultry Compost

Schlegel Poultry Compost, formerly Cold Springs Farm Compost, has been producing high quality Turkey Litter Compost (TLC) since 1996.  Turkey litter is a blend of turkey manure and the softwood shavings used as bedding in our turkey barns.  After the Schlegel family acquired the business in 2013, we made a small but significant improvement to our TLC:  Prior to composting we now add between a minimum of 25% up to a maximum of 33% Spent Mushroom Substrate (SMS) from a local certified organic mushroom farm to make our high quality composting feedstock.  We combine this SMS with a minimum of 67% up to a maximum of 75% Schlegel turkey litter.  Addition of organic SMS to our turkey litter within this range creates a finished TLC that remains loaded with the phosphorus and other macro and micro-nutrients you have come to expect from pure turkey litter, but with higher organic matter content and increased microbial diversity resulting from the fungal-dominated biology in organic SMS.

Schlegel Poultry Compost uses a tightly managed aerobic composting system that destroys the pathogens and weed seeds found in raw turkey litter while allowing beneficial microbes to thrive.  Our combination of total process and ingredient control has established Schlegel Poultry’s TLC as an excellent source of the nutrients required for certified organic and specialty crop production.

Give your soil some TLC
TLC is an excellent source of macro and micro nutrients for certified organic crop production.
TLC is produced from a mixture of bedding materials and turkey manure ~ not Municipal Organic Wastes.
Schlegel Poultry Compost's aerobic composting system destroys the pathogens and weed seeds found in raw manure while beneficial microbes multiply and thrive.
Schlegel Poultry Compost is a very cost effective source of plant available phosphorus (P) for organic growers.
Why Use Turkey Litter Compost?
Low soil phosphorus is a significant problem for many Organic farms in Ontario.

Schlegel Poultry's composting process concentrates phosphorus while stabilizing organic matter.

TLC feeds soil with:

- Nitrogen
- Phosphorus
- Potassium
- Boron
- Calcium
- Copper
- Iron
- Magnesium
- Zinc
- Beneficial microbes
- Organic matter
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